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Focus… focus… focus…

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Focus… focus… focus this is exactly what I need right now in so many aspects of my life. Work, church, home life. I have been so distracted lately with all that is happening in my life. I have felt this for some time now, and I am starting to take some baby sets with regard to focus. To borrow a saying, I need to be purpose driven – but purpose driven with regard to my entire life.

At work, there are so many distractions – especially email. Those are now going to be put on the back burning except for 3 times a day. At work, and throughout my daily life, I continue to be scattered in my thoughts surrounding Dad, God, what I need to do at home, should I be doing that, should I not be doing that, finances for me, finances for Mom and Dad, etc. Basically scattered thoughts… not worrying thoughts all the time, just scattered, unfocused thoughts. I still get my work done, but they are always there in the back of my mind.

With regard to church, I have already made some strides there – Tuesday morning men’s group was a big step for me, now it is a habit. Getting up is easier. Preparing for the group is enjoyable. Reading the bible on a more regular basis is next. I read the bible to some extent for our study, but I want to do more. Something the group talked about recently, and to the point of reading the bible, I need to “NOT be in intake mode” rather I “NEED to be in God mode” when reading the bible. To illustrate this point, intake mode is reading, stopping and checking out how many more pages are left – God mode is reading one sentence over and over again until I get what God wants me to get from it. In addition, I need to be guided more by God. Like the song I wrote, he is “my personal guide,” and paying attention when he “thumps” me.

Home life is a mass of constantly shifting priorities. Some are mine, some are my wife’s, and some are my girls’. Certain things seem to take priority when they really shouldn’t but I let them – which is okay as long as they are not a big distraction. But in any event, I have taken steps to become more focused in this part of my life as well – my oldest daughter Monica and I are going out to eat breakfast once a week and just talking – talking about life and staying connected. My youngest daughter Priya and I are cooking Sunday dinner every week – not as much talking going on at the moment, but it will start to grow. My wonderful bride of 18 years, Deepa and I try to take time to go out, chat some, and have a date now and then. Focus and appreciation – more is needed.

So in conclusion, focus will take an important role in my life moving forward. Next post is about the bike (well maybe not, but soon) …:D


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