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Thought for the day – are you in the play or the game?

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Okay new thought for the day… Are you in the play or are you in the game?

I read recently about a coach who told his team…”Boys…this is how the play works, stick to the play…and if the play isn’t working…play the game and remember…don’t let the play get in the way of the game.”

I always wonder if I am getting too caught up in the “play” to see that we are all part of the “game.”  It is so easy to think small without realizing the impact we can have if we think BIG… what if I approached life thinking in a BIG way… what if I approached life with the thought that, “I can help change the world…”  This obviously would not be me by myself, but I would have a role, a place in this process.  And most importantly, what does God want me to do?  But I must say that thinking BIG is hard to do. Getting out of our comfort zone is hard to do.  Listening is hard to do.  Actually hearing is hard to do.  Acting is hard to do. It is all hard to do sometimes.  And I hate to admit it, but there are times I think about the “play” more than the “game.”  Ugh… 

Where are you in this process… thinking about the “game” or thinking about the “play?”


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