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When God is Silent

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As I stumbled through various blogs this afternoon, one stood out to me for so many reasons – basically it was regarding God being silent in his life right now. It just struck me and I felt the need to respond. In fact, I am writing this on my blog because of the impact his comments had on me today.

As I told him, I agree that there are times when I feel like I am alone. There are times when I feel that God is not there. In reality, He is just silent. Luckily we aren’t the only ones to experience times when God is silent – we all share those moments. I know that there are times when God is moving in my life … I can just feel it – I love that feeling! Then there are times when I am sitting here thinking, “Wait a minute… where are you… I miss that feeling…”

As I have noted below, life happens and I am reminded that He is still there. It is generally subtle and easy to miss, but there none the less. In fact, if you aren’t looking for it, you won’t see it. It might be as simple as turning and helping a friend. Offering a word of advice. Offering a helping hand. Starting a Blog Life Group. Reading a passage and thinking of someone else who would benefit from hearing that message – and then telling him. Seeing the guy on the street corner and “just feeling like you should give me a dollar.” (I know a reoccurring theme for me) or just being a sounding board for someone else.

I cannot tell you the number of times that God has used me to help someone else. Why was I there? Why me? I really believe God put me there to help that person. Did I need help? Yes. Was I struggling? Yes. Did it help me to help others? Sometimes. Is that what God intended? I really don’t know. Did I help the other person? Generally yes.

For me there are times that God is talking through me rather than to me. But as I think about it, aren’t they one in the same?


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One thought on “When God is Silent

  1. Wow, somehow until today I didn’t see this entry.

    Thanks for the encouragement and the insight. It’s been a pretty nuts month in my life. Actually, five to six months.

    Don’t really know you, but I believe when it comes down to it, God had the biggest hand in when it came to making the idea of a “blog”.


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