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Does God talk to you


Simple question for the day… “Does God talk to you?”  And if so, how?  How do you know if it is God?  If He does, do you think that He talks to everyone? Or, do you feel He only talks to a select group of people (i.e., only Christians, only Catholic priest, only those that go to “church”, only those that go to a “particular church”, etc.). 

Just a curious thought I had this morning, and wondered how others felt about it.  If you don’t want to leave your name, but comment anonymously, please do.  
In the near future, I want to explore this further… at least in my own life.


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5 thoughts on “Does God talk to you

  1. Great question Michael. I feel as if He does talk to me. Usually through His Word but there are other ways. Sometimes I feel as if He’s talking to my through other people or maybe even a situation or crisis.

    Thanks for making me think.

  2. Ditto on the reading… but I agree that He talks to me in a lot of different ways….I also feel that He talks through us at times, or puts us into someone else’s path at the right time. Hard to explain, but I saw this happen last week on Wednesday… a few hours later, I walked away from a conversation and thought… Wow that was great…

  3. I know he talks to me in many ways. Mostly through scripture. When I read, things happen. Problem is, I don’t read often enough, & I’m a poor listener. =(

  4. Great thoughts David… thanks.

  5. I feel God talks to us in many, many ways. Through other people, through music, through the silence. We just have to be open to acknowledge when it is Him. Because God’s power is employed through all of us, He uses us and things around us to communicate. The closer you are to Him at any particular time, the more you hear His voice.


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