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His ability stuns me

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    As you probably know, I love good stories.  Ones that are real make them stick with me even more.  With that in mind, this story is one that I came across and felt was worth sharing. My comments stem from a post left by a guest blogger on pinkhairedgirl webpage.  For me the entire story doesn’t matter as much as the middle section and the conclusion (although the whole story is important) .  Basically I love the part about being God’s favorite.

The part that struck me the most was when the guest blogger wrote, “His ability to go above and beyond our comprehension stuns me…”  This sentence makes me think of conversations I have had about God and where I am in my faith… where family and friends are in their journey… and for me it all comes down to this… My logical mind just cannot always comprehend what He is doing or why, and that is when my heart must take a step forward and say it will take it from there… my heart and my faith are working hand in hand…

Check it out.


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