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How God used me (take 2)

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Last night was a rather humbling night.  Humbling in the context of God humbling. This is the second time in less than a year that I can point to that I was a piece of God’s plan that directly impacted someone else’s life.  Over the past year, God has put people in my life for a reason, He put in place the events that lead to me calling a friend (MM) about rejoining our Tuesday AM men’s group, to my study of the book of James, to me sharing my story about DEB and her life problems to my men’s group, to MM providing a possible answer to her problems through Focus, to me spending multiple hours talking to her about her life and where she is going, to us going to the Family and Friends night last night, to me “hearing” God tell me to crumple my raffle ticket for a free seminar, to the prayers I offered prior to the pulling of the last raffle ticket that it be DEB’s name pulled, to the prayers I offered saying if my name was pulled I will give it to her, to my name being pulled out of the box not once but twice (one raffle for free focus seminar and one raffle for 3 individual sessions), to me knowing that God had a hand in my name being pulled twice, to me knowing that God had this in mind from the start for me to let her know there are people in her life who love her, to the fact that I was meant to  give her the free seminar, to me knowing that I am meant to be there for her, to me knowing that I am meant to be a small rock in her life right now, to the “three warriors” I meet this morning who offered a prayer for her (and me) that touched my heart, to me walking away trying to wrap my head and fingers around this…and the list goes on from here.

This is reader’s digest, but pretty cool stuff.  Many will point to the above as just another series of life events.  I am past that now in my life. Things happen for a reason – God’s reason. 

In terms of last night, Focus seems right for DEB.  She is ready and is making the plans.  She knows that this will be rough on her, but she also knows this is something she should not walk away from. Baby steps to big steps.

Again, wow… My name drawn out of a box two out of four times. 



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