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Life in the fast lane

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I have been following a blog by Pete Wilson for a little while.  I find alot of what he says very interesting, and so are the comments on his blog.  In any event, he is working through a series call Sync.  Reading today’s post, I cannot help but wonder why this is for some many of us.  

I think for some of us life can almost feel boring if we just stop and enjoy the moment. And unfortunetely that can mean our spiritual life was well.  What if every one of us put life on the back burner for a day and “watch the grass grow.” What if we took a moment to actually listen to God and see what He is doing in the world?  What if we picked up a “book” that we were meant to read and actually read it.  Read it slowly and thoughtfully rather than trying to reach the end of a verse or chapter?  

Being in a hurry is addictive. As Pete said… you can’t microwave spiritual transformation. But man, using the microwave approach is appealing to so many – especially in today’s society of instant gratification. I want it now… do I really need to learn all that stuff… can’t I just say I believe and move on… why do I need to “grow”… Some kinda like life like this… others say that is to hard… what helping and doing deeds is required?  What is that all about – I don’t have time… and the list can go on and on… 

I am not sure where I am in the process, but reading this makes me think I need to look closer at my journey.


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One thought on “Life in the fast lane

  1. good stuff! right now i’m being challenged with making a lasting impact on the lives of people around me…i have to take the time to do that!

    pete always challenges me. plus there’s a lot of fun stuff going on, on his blog too!

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