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The Farmer’s field – when God is Silent Part II

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Another thought on when God is silent…A friend of mine spoke about this today in a way that i thought was worth sharing.

The farmer’s field and rain – We all know that God provides rain for the farmer’s fields.  Knowing that, there are basically two options for the farmer: 

Option #1

While God provides the rain for the farmer’s fields, there are also times of drought. During these times if the farmer only sits back and does nothing to prepare the fields for what will surely come (similar to sitting back with regard to our heart and mind); when the rains do come the fields will end up flooded/destroyed.

Option #2

Yet, if the farmer prepares the fields with flood channels and irrigation channels during these times of drought, and in anticipation of future rain (preparing our heart and minds), when the rain comes the water will not destroy the crops, and the irrigation channels will spread the water out evenly so that all of the areas of the fields receive nourishment.  Ultimately the preparation during the times of drought will allow the fields to flourish. 

Those moments of silence are necessary in our lives.  Those moments allow us to prepare, grow, and ultimately grow closer to God.

I am still thinking through the whole “when God is silent” thought.  This issue hit me a couple of weeks ago, and I am not sure why this is sticking with me, but it is… so I am rolling with it.  I encourage you to provide me with some thoughts and input.  From your comments may come a part III post…take care.


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