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Weekends are great

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This was the weekend to look back and say that was fun.  First off let me say that the weather was great this weekend.  Upper 70s low 80s for the day time highs.  Sunny skies.  Ha… 😀

With that said, after work on Friday we were off to a Catholic wedding of a friend’s son.  I have never been to a Catholic wedding, and I must say that I had fun and learn to appreciate some of the structure of the wedding and service.  I miss that sometimes with our more contemporary service.   From there we were off to the reception and some dancing for my wife.  We had some dance lessons not long ago, so we were ready to so our stuff… but alas, modern music and the waltz really don’t go well together.  That’s fine, slow dancing with my wife was great… to round out the night, and open bar, great food, some great music, and the kids were at my sister-in-law’s house…what a Friday.  

Saturday – woke up late, grabbed a bite of breakfast with my wife at the local IHOP (BOGO coupon) and had great service.  I must say that service has slipped a lot in my area, and you really do notice with the services is great – thanks Calvin – great service.  Picked up the kids, mowed the lawn, and headed off to some friends house for a nice dinner and a beer.  Played Mario Brothers on the Wii for the first time… Home by midnight.  Relaxing to say the least.

Sunday was church in the AM, home by 11:30 with the hope of seeing my mom and dad who came down for the weekend… only to get home to hear the message that mom had a migraine, and they headed home.  Crap is all I can say – I have not seen my dad in awhile, and I was really looking forward to it.  In addition, my daughters and wife have not seen him since the treatments began so they were looking forward to seeing him as well.  Oh well… this was the only bump (albeit a big one).  With that option gone, I headed out for a slow, semi-long bike ride.  I have not ridden very much so the 1.75 hours and 25 miles of grinding it out on the flats and hills felt great.  Grinding it out on the road bike, not the mountain bike.  Follow that up with a great dinner, hitting golf balls in the backyard with my nephew, preparing for our Colorado trip and life is good.

Life is good… 


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