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God is yelling today…


Wow…I just feel like God is yelling today… yelling about the church and asking us to wake up… I read Pete Wilson’s blog on a regular basis… please read it today… I really cannot put into words right now what I am feeling, but this hits home… so very close to home.  I have talked about mission trips and reaching out locally and globally on my blog off and on for a while now, and I tend to push it to one side or another in my daily life… then God reminds me in His own way – “Don’t forget Michael. Don’t forget.” 

On top of all that, minnowspeaks made a comment on his post touched me as well… 

“…I think the letter I heard God write to you was a bit different than the one you heard Him write:

Dear Pete (Rock from which I have built My Church)–

You ask me why and the answer is simple. You see what My eyes see, but much of my body is blind. You walk where I have directed your path, but much of my Body is sitting, atrophed in the pews. You do with your hands what I set before you to do, but most of my Body has forgotten they have hands. You say what I have pressed upon your heart to say, but the ears of much of my body are plugged by the selfish urgent little voices all around them. Continue Pete, beloved son, to be a healthy part of the body and take heart as the other part of the body around you begins to wake up. Well done good and faithful servant, God

God is not interested in counting the times you fall down. He is rejoiceing that you are learning to walk! Thank you for helping the rest of us see.”

Both Pete and minnowspeaks really laid it out there for me today.  Thanks guys.


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2 thoughts on “God is yelling today…

  1. @Pete… thanks for stopping by. I was revisiting this post and wanted people to read what you originally wrote that spur this. Thanks again for your words.

  2. Thank you! I always appreciate your honest response!

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