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Wow… talk about a walk through life lately.  I have been somewhat silent lately.  Not really sure why – other than life. 

I have been riding my bike in preparation for my upcoming charity ride on Sunday (which by the way, I have raised over $1300 so far).  Well, riding may not be the accurate term – once a week is about it.  35 miles here – 35 there.  No real ability to commit time to the bike ride.  

What that all means is my legs are feeling it.  My bottom is feeling it.  My whole body is feeling it. 😦  In fact, this weekend I road for about 35 miles with a friend of mine.  We road slow at times, carried our bikes sometimes due to the condition of the road, and road fast sometimes (20+ mph – 16-17 is normal for me).  Then, right around the 30 mile mark it hit me – I really did not eat breakfast (toast and coffee) – I really did not eat lunch (sandwich and water) – and my body said – “stop!!!”.  I was able to keep going thanks to some energy jelly beans (gotta love those beans), but I never fully recovered the rest of the ride.  I never felt good over those last 5 or so miles.

Why am I telling you all this?  Well, Mandy’s post got me thinking this morning about feeding my soul.

Wow how close her words hit to home. I posted just the other day how easy it is to slip away from daily conversations with God. How easy it is to slip away from bible study. How easy it is to miss just a “weekend” of church only to turn into 3 or 4.   If I don’t feed myself, I might be able to do a quick ride on the bike, but I will never be able to push myself further than that.  Oh, I may be able to feed myself enough to finish, but I will not finish strong.  I need nourishment before, during and after everything I do.  I need the things that allow me to build up strength.  I need to have active conversations about God.  I need to read my bible and hear His words.  I need to pray.  I need to serve.  I need to stop worrying.  I need to stop thinking so much about me and my problems and turn them over to Him.  I need to do so many things.

Easier said than done, but I continue to allow God to work on me (when I am not to stubborn).  I continue to remind myself to stop and listen, read and absorb, pray and serve.


Author: just-another-minute

Just a guy getting through life, wondering what is going on in the world, but willing to share a few glimps of myself to you.

3 thoughts on “nourishment

  1. @ jon – yeah… not fun… not good… but working on it.

    @waswrittenin – thanks for stopping by…

  2. Thanks, Michael.

    I ride bikes, too… and really can relate to your analogy. Thanks for sharing!

  3. agreed…her post was good and a challenge for me. and i know what happens in my life when i’m not getting that nourishment…NOT GOOD!!!

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