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Satellite reception



I am trying to stay “plugged in.”  I am trying to stay “connected.”  I am trying to receive the “signal,” but lately there seems to be something in the way – me.  I realize that if I don’t tune the “satellite dish” the right direction – all I will get is a snowy picture.  I need to refocus my efforts away from the TV (life) and onto lining the dish up to the right signal.  I also realized that storms can push the “dish” the wrong way – or push it a little off one direction or another.  When that happens, I need to “refocus the dish” if you will.  I need to grab that stronger signal after being pushed to one side.

I have been writing about letting go of my worries for a while now.  I mean there is so much to work on.  It is probably one of the hardest things I have to do.  I am stubborn. I go back to the book of James and say – yip I have alot of work to do.  

To prove this point, on the way into work today, I heard on the radio a word that seems to be a key word that God throws in my path on a regular basis – focus.  Funny how I seem to ignore that word until I hit a point where God yells “Michael… you need to FOCUS”… well maybe He doesn’t yell, but He does throw things my way and tells me to pay attention.  And, when those storms hit, and they do hit, I know I am grounded in His word but I need to remain focused.  I need to make adjustments from time to time, and learn that it may not be the TV but rather my satellite angle.  

So the word of the year is focus… 


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2 thoughts on “Satellite reception

  1. How true… but we still need to use all of our tools in order to stay focused. That may be the bible, bible study with a brother, church, prayer, etc. All of them are our tools. All of them help keep me focused.

    Lately, my focus has been more about paying attention to my time with God. Visiting with Him daily. Listening to Him daily.

    I need that time. I miss that time.

  2. Hey Man,

    Focus is a good thing, but part of focussing is knowing what you are focussing on!

    Sometimes it’s best not to say, “I need to pary more” or “I need to study my bible more”

    They may be true, but I’d suggest a better goal being to spend time with God, finding out who he (she) is; character stuff.

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