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Willowcreek – The prayer 1 1 1 plan…


I listened to a sermon the other day on the way into work, and I heard the pastor (sorry forgot his name) talk about prayer.  Specifically (and please forgive me if I did not get this entirely right… I mean I was driving you know) he talked about prayer 1 1 1… praying for

1 person, for

1 minute, at

1 o’clock every day.

Think if each of us did this.  How powerful would that be?  Think if we picked specific people to pray for in unison every day.  think if we did this in our small group…our bible study group… with our blog friends… with our life friends… with our family…or just by ourselves.  

I know that there are specific times each day that I pray for people in my life.  For some, I pray that God will open their eyes, open their minds, and fill their hearts.  For others I pray that God will help them through another day.  And for others I pray that God will heal their wounds. 

During this sermon the pastor talked about how a man came to Christ on the same day that his wife was getting baptized, and how his sister came up afterward to explain that she had been praying for both of them for 9 years.  Wow… 9 years.  I know there are stories of people praying for others that have gone on much longer than that. But wow… 9 years.  Well one of my prayers has been going on only for a few months – I guess I should sit back and be prepared to prayer alot or a little… not my decision…not my choice… ;D

Well, I am into giving this a whirl.  The plan – Prayer 1 1 1.  I am setting an alarm to go off so I don’t forget.  

What about you?  Are you game?


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3 thoughts on “Willowcreek – The prayer 1 1 1 plan…

  1. The speaker was Lee Strobel and you can listen to the message on http://listen.family.org/daily/A000001199.cfm (pt 1) and http://listen.family.org/daily/A000001200.cfm (pt 2) or search for If Jesus Lived in My House. I am about to present this to my home church this weekend. Be blessed.

  2. Totally agree… this is just something to add to the day. One minute of focused prayer for one person in your life. I tend to ramble through my thoughts when I pray and pray for whoever comes to mind. There are times that I am focused, but not all of the time. This will allow me to remain focused… ugh… there is that word again “focused”

  3. I’ll give it a shot, and this is definitely better than not praying at 1:00 every day, but I think a more affective way is to set aside 30 minutes to an hour in the morning or evening to spend time – focused time with God. One tool that can be used to make this time more effective for a lot of people is the right music. This website is dedicated to providing music in 30 minute segments to inspire God’s people to pray: http://www.musictoprayby.com

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