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One of those moments #4

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Today I am reminiscing about a brief moment in my faith walk history that involves three prayer warriors.  I came across three guys while I was getting my Wednesday morning coffee at a local coffee stop.  Three powerful, unique, young guys doing some amazing things locally and globally. 


I am passing along this story because I know that God placed them in my life for a reason.  With that in mind, here you go.  A few months ago I stopped in at a local coffee shop for their “grab and go” cup of coffee – only a dollar you can’t beat that – although QT is a little cheaper.  This wasn’t the first time that I stopped here for coffee, but it definitely was not my regular stop.  In fact this was the first time in a long time that I actually stopped here.


Anyway, I saw these three guys sitting at a table reading and discussing the bible.  As I was filling my cup, the verse Revelations 2:1 – the section about Ephesus – popped in my mind.  I had read this verse recently, but I had not really studied it per se.  It was just something that I stumbled across – read it and then tucked it away in my mind for a later day. (This must have been the “later day”.)


Anyway, I walked by their table on the way out and just felt like I should mention this verse to them.  Me being me… well, I ignored it.  I thought – oh come on…I can’t do that…why now… what if they ask me to sit down and talk with them… what if they ask me more…. Self doubt is something that literally exploded through my mind.


With my self doubt controlling my actions, I walked out the door and got into my car.  I started the engine, but just sat there.  That feeling I had inside the coffee shop would not go away.  It was strong.  I felt His presence.  I was tingling.  It felt stronger than before – that urge to go in and tell them about this verse.  With that, I conceded.  I turned off my car and walked back in.  In my awkward way, I said something like, “excuse me guys, but I have this feeling I am suppose to tell you to look at Rev. 2:1.  I am not sure why, but I do know that you should not read it from a dome and gloom stand point, but from a point of hope.”  


Wow – talk about being out of my comfort zone.  But it was kinda cool.  I took a step in my faith journey.  I listened to Him.  I am not sure if the verse was meant to help these three prayer warriors, or whether it was meant to help me.  I do know that they were talking about Ephesus that day.  I do know that I saw them every Wednesday for several months without fail after that.  I do know that I talked to them each time.  I do know that in those conversations I shared stories, and they did the same for me.  I do know that they prayed for me and my family at a time that I really needed it most. 


So, with that following are the top three things that stand out even today regarding this series of meetings:

·         I listened to God, and took that first step to move beyond my comfort zone.

·         Taking a moment every week to openly talk about God in a public place can be pretty amazing.

·         The absolute passion these three guys have for their love of God was wonderful to see.


Those 5-10 minute conversations finally ended when they moved on from the coffee shop.  I never really found out why the quit coming, but the memory I have with these random meetings (or God planned meetings) show me how God moves in very small but impactful ways. 


I took a small step that day. 



So my next question is – What or who is next?







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