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Niagara Falls

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I read recently about Niagara Falls in a book called Show and then Tell. It talked about how Niagara Falls starts.  It starts from mere trickles of snowmelt that combine to form rivulets of water, that turn into tiny streams merging into larger streams to form rivers.  These rivers flow for hundreds of miles before finally merging into the quickening Niagara River, which soon speeds to an unstoppable cliff where it drops hundreds of feet known as Niagara Falls.


Our walk is a lot like this…that small corner if you will…where we help others in their faith walk, grow in our own faith, and reach out to the world.  Some of us are the trickles of snowmelt, others are the rivulets of water, and others are the various rivers.  All are needed in order to end with a majestic water fall – that majestic moment is the moment when ________________________(you fill in the blank).


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