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Eyes of the world

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The thing about eyes is – if you look close enough into another person’s eyes you can actually see what they see… you.  I saw this picture the other day and thought (after blowing it up) … I can see what this boy saw.  I can see a person in a red shirt taking a picture, a little yellow bug, and a house with a porch.  I can see a blue sky.  I can see the beginning of a story.  

I don’t know why this struck me, but it does make me wonder what I would see if I looked closely enough in another person’s eyes.  That person might be someone who needs my financial help, my emotional help, or my spiritual help.  They might need a prayer.  They might just need an outstretched hand.

Would I see in their eyes an extended hand, or would I see just the shell of me walking by?

To take it a step further, would God see just a reflection or would He see something more?  

I struggle with this thought from time to time. I hope that God sees something more than just a shell. I pray that I am extending my hand when needed.  I pray that I don’t walk by.

What about you?


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