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Dad’s horrific battle

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Today is another step in my dad’s battle against cancer.  He returns to the hospital for a PET scan today to see where we are. Was that scare tissue we saw with the CAT scan, or the cancer?  He returns today to see if the pain and battling over the last year worked – at least for now. 

In 2008, what I saw was a remarkable man walk through a horrific battle, stumble but not fall, and then regain himself over the course of 2008.  He looked and sounded great during Christmas, so this is hoping and praying we don’t have to do it all over again.  Honestly, and yes selfishly, emotionally I am not ready… I know that I should not worry about things – but dang I do. 

So with that, I ask for prayers for both my mom and dad.  I ask for prayers for dad’s physical health, and for both mom and dad’s emotional health.  I pray that you will join me today and pray for them… that our voices will reach Him in unison.


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One thought on “Dad’s horrific battle

  1. will certainly keep your family in my prayers, went through something similar with my mother-in-law last year

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