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Some additional prayer request

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Please join me in praying for the following people. 


Deloris and Ed:

Someone I met through work, lost their adult daughter in a tragic parachute accident early last year.  I speak to them off and on via email, phone, and the periodic meeting.  I know that this past holiday season was an emotional roller coaster for them.  But as an added reminder to this horrible accident, last Monday she sent me the following email: 


“Just wanted to let you know that the skydiver that was killed yesterday was a very good friend of Jennifer’s. Deloris”

I barely know Deloris and her husband Ed, but I really feel the need to pray for them right now.




There is a woman who I really don’t know well, but I have friends that are very close to her.  She lost her husband to brain cancer Feb. 24th.This was her message the following day:


“I wanted to let everyone know that Shane passed away at 10pm last night. Me, his mom and dad helped him pass. He fought so hard not to and it’s a vision I will always have but I know he is no longer is pain and that he is with Christ

Last evening he woke from being heavily sedated to tell us that “Jesus stopped by and said his family everything is alright.



Please keep Lori, Bobbie, Greg, Derek and Stef in your prayers. I have prayed for them specifically a couple of times, but I feel that she needs a lot of voices right now, and I need your help.




My uncle has so many issues related to his health right now.  He was rushed to the ER a couple of days ago because he was coughing up blood – and ended up loosing a good amount of blood.  The problem they think is his stomach lining is very thin.  A personal prayer that God touches my uncle and aunt in a way to let them know He is around. 



A close friend of mine, Jill, lost her father last year, and it has been an emotional roller coaster ever since.  I feel that she will need additional prayers as we move from one calendar year to the next.


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