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New band (to me) – Jesus Culture Music



My first impression – love the music.  In particular I love We Cry Out.  Talk about a fantastic song… take a peek/listen…and here is a link to a free download to the song .  Also, following is a link to Kim’s bio… just in the mood to listen to her music I guess and thought that I would share.


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Just a guy getting through life, wondering what is going on in the world, but willing to share a few glimps of myself to you.

5 thoughts on “New band (to me) – Jesus Culture Music

  1. You’re very welcome! actually, YOU stopped by mine first, so thank YOU for stopping by 😉

    I had an English-speaking blog once, but I found it better to write in my first language, so I delited it. Stupid, right? anyway, I’m glad you understood and enjoyed my blog despite the norweigan language.

  2. Thanks for stopping by… I had to do some translation to understand your webpage, but really enjoyed it.

  3. I’ve been listening to Jesus Culture for over a year now, and they still amazes me! You should really look forward to hear more of their songs. And btw, I love the quotes that you love 🙂

  4. nope… I just stumbled across her name today… I look forward to searching for additional songs…

  5. i love me some kim walker.

    have you heard her version of “how he loves”? you can check out the video on youtube of her singing it live. incredible!

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