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Okay, so many of you know that my wife is not Christian.  She believes in God, but not Jesus.  You know that this has been a struggle for me over the past few years.  You also may know that I have been praying for strength and support.  Saying this, I came across this article that hit me between the eyes.  This is the second time recently that this topic has been put in front of me… so I guess this is one of those moments I need to pay attention.

The following paragraph is from an article written by Anna:

“A pastor once asked my grandmother how soon after the children get there does she try to convert them to Christianity.  She looked at him straight in the eye and said, “First, I give them a safe place to live with comforts most have never known, this includes three meals a day, clean clothes, and a warm bed.  Then, I hold their hands and hug them as often as possible.  I tell them that they are beautiful, wonderful, smart, valuable children and that they are precious in the eyes of God.  I let them know that the past is the past and they are new creatures, they have a future and will be educated.  I help them learn to forgive their families and actually pray for them.  Pastor, I don’t try to make them into Christians, I just show them the love of Christ.”


It all comes back to love.  Why am I so set on converting her?  Why am I struggling with this so much?  Love is the answer.  Love is what Jesus asked us to share.  He didn’t expect me to convert someone to a religion. 


Wow… just some things to think about.  This might be the beginning of some additional post… comment if you feel the impulse.





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