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Walking from East to West

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This is just another step along the way of understanding my wife’s culture, her understanding of my faith, and her understanding of her own faith.  This book has been recommended to me by a friend and I have started to read it.  Ravi Zacharias is originally from India and learned about Christianity through missionaries.  I have only just begun reading it, but I can already see some new points of understanding.

The background – as you know my wife did not grow up in India.  She was born in India and her parents moved here when she was 5.  But… that culture, that eastern way of life is/was her life even in the United States – home life was Indian life.  I can see how challenging it must have been to move back and forth between school life (American life and friends) and home life (Indian life).  I am sure that this is especially true as we grow older.  Parents and grandparents are growing older.  2nd generation children are starting to be more “American” than “Indian” (or at least 1/2 Indian).  All the while, she is feeling like our children do not understand the richness of life that Indian culture offers.  That she may have missed a piece of life along the way that will keep her close to her parents even after they are gone.

These are all my thoughts.  Not hers.  But as I read through this book, I can appreciate her struggle. 

Baby steps in this process.


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