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My daughter – Arthur Blessitt – and a big cross


I have always heard that you need three people in your life – someone further along in their faith, someone at your level, and someone who is only just beginning to live a life with Christ.  For me it makes all the sense in the world.  I have mentors, and talk openly with friends, and I am a mentor to others.  I love it though when God steps in and allows someone who I mentor to keep me honest and open to hearing Him – last night was one of those times.


We at Westside had the opportunity to hear Arthur Blessitt talk about his amazing journey across the globe carrying a large wooden cross.  Sharing the story of Christ.  Showing the world God’s love and following what He told us to “Go out…”  I heard Mr. Blessitt talk on Sunday and then again last night.  Now I wasn’t planning on going last night – work, life, and serving on a non-profit board were keeping me away from the special session where Mr. Blessitt talked about his experiences in more depth and shared a trailer or two from his movie “the Cross”. 


Then in steps in my daughter –


Conversation on the way home from Church – “Dad can we go to that?  It is a once in a life time experience…please.”

Me – “I am not sure… I have to… “

Text message yesterday, “If we end of going to church tonight – which I hope we do – then Emily would like to come.”

Me – “I am working… I have to… “

Phone call – “Dad can I go with Emily if she drives.  I really want to go? Mom said to ask you.”

Me – “sure you can go…” (Thinking but what about me… should I go?)

Phone call – “Emily’s mom doesn’t want her to drive that far, so she is taking us as long as you can pick us up.”

Me – “sure go, and I will pick you up.” (Thinking again but what about me… should I go?)

Board meeting – ends a little early – hmmmm…. I end up driving to church and hearing almost an hour of the 1.5 hour message that Mr. Blessitt shared.  What an amazing man.  What an amazing story.


I thought I would share just one story that stood out to me the most.  A story about him being captured in a Spanish speaking country (I am not sure now which one).  I know I will not do this story justice, but here you go:


He was pulled from a trailer he was staying in and held up in front of a line of men holding guns.  Basically a firing squad.


The leader was saying in Spanish, “Uno…” and he knew what was coming and he started to pray.


He said to himself that he was not going to die without his bible, so he turned to a box of bibles nearby and started pulling some out. 


He was scrambling.


He was on his hands and knees. 


He pulled one close to his chest and then thought, “I am going to give one to each of the men here.”


They were trying to pull him up.


Trying to make him stand before them.


He kept reaching for the bibles.


When he finally got some extra bibles Mr. Blessitt turned to give the bibles to the men with guns. 


When he turned, they were all laying on the ground. 


As they started to get up, he still tried to give them a bible, but they all ran away.


Shortly after, he saw that his camp was surrounded by a group of villagers.  All on their knees.  They had witness what happened.


They had seen a bright line come from the sky and knock the men down. 


They had seen God save a man – actually save a man physically right before their eyes. 


They had seen God save a man.


They had seen God save a man.


They had seen Him.


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2 thoughts on “My daughter – Arthur Blessitt – and a big cross

  1. Sad, but me to… I have heard another story from a friend that was similar. Who knows. I was not there. Forgetting about this story, I will say that his journey has been amazing. It is well documented by various secular media across the globe.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Wow. Sad my first reaction is so often doubt when I hear stories like that.

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