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Such a heavy heart

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My emotions are all over the place right now.  A good friend of mine lost her nephew this weekend to cancer.  Sam was only 17.  He was only just beginning his life.  During the funeral, I got to see those life glimpses.  I got to hear words about his loves – farming and hunting.  Words that brought smiles.  Words that brought tears. 

There is so much pain touching Sam’s family and friends right now.  He left behind a wonderful family and a remarkable girlfriend.  A girlfriend who poured out her heart today to total strangers – telling everyone the impact Sam made in her life. 

They need your prayers.  They will be part of my daily prayer 111 today, tomorrow and into the foreseeable future.  I am going to ask God to embrace Sam’s family and wrap them up in His carpenter arms and hug them for a long long time.  Well after the tears stop. 

I end this with this thought – I am going to hug my girls a little tighter today, and I am going to hug my dad and mom this weekend – with extra emotion.

Take care.


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One thought on “Such a heavy heart

  1. sorry to hear about such a painful loss…

    trusting Him to hold their hearts. and yours.

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