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My new song – words are starting to flow again


When I get this feeling… I run with it.  And yesterday I started to get that feeling again.  That feeling about writing some more songs.  I am just the word guy, but a friend of mine is great with music.  We have co-wrote a couple of songs together.

But today, I keep getting that stirring.  I guess the creative juices are starting to flow… following is the start of my latest….This is just the beginning.  Normally I take about 25 or so rewrites, so the structure is not here that I want.  With that in mind, let me know what you think. 









It is Your mercy



feeling lonely and depressed

realizing that life just isn’t right

She walked into the church

in some final act to get it right

A husband who left her

two kids who got lost

lungs that were screaming

and a heart that felt tossed

life had been crashing

and all around her was pain

when she gathered the strength

to cry out His name



I know that i am not worthy, but

I am crying out for some help

My compass seems to be broken

and I am stumbling along in the dark

i know it is your mercy

that will grab me from these depths

I know it is your mercy

that will carry me up these steps



It really doesn’t matter how much stuff a person owns,

Rather it is all about the way we live our life … the way we love … and how we end the day…

following the path He has set aside, and 

loving those who surround us each and every day


From here the story continues.  I am not sure what verse #2 will be, but I am leaning toward the next step in this person’s life.  Another thought is to go with the husband’s struggles, the kids struggles, and how God worked in each of their lives.


Honestly, let me know what you think.



Author: just-another-minute

Just a guy getting through life, wondering what is going on in the world, but willing to share a few glimps of myself to you.

2 thoughts on “My new song – words are starting to flow again

  1. yeah… I see what you mean. I guess that is why it is a work in progress… I think I will save those for another song.

  2. Hey,

    I really love the chorus. It combines the hurt and pain and sense of being loss that can overwhelm, with the hope the God has given us.

    I really don’t get the bridge though. It seems kinda disconnected.


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