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4 S’s that will carry you through your life


I have been listening to alot of podcast sermons lately, and the following came out of one of those podcast by Pete Wilson.  This isn’t exactly what Pete said, but it is what I pulled from it.  Pete said there is no magical formula to know what’s God will for your life, but if you do the following things you can’t go wrong… Simply but true.

  • Seek scripture
  • Speak to God
  • Surround yourself with Christian community and others you want to be like (not just Christians).
  • Surrender yourself

Alot of thinking lately is going on.  Alot of talking with God – or should I one way conversations with God.  Alot of stumbles.  It is hard to seperate my will from God’s will in my life.  It is hard to know when God is leading me and I am leading myself.  We all want what is best in our life – so does God.  The challenge we all face is to understand – when there are bad things going on in my life – and there will be bad things – God is using those things to better me.  Bad things that in my life that I learn to grow through.  I learn to trust Him more.  I learn to be less self-reliant.

Alot of rambles today…sorry about that.


Author: just-another-minute

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2 thoughts on “4 S’s that will carry you through your life

  1. Bev, thanks for stopping by. I totally agree with what you are saying. It is a common theme on my blog that I have Ugh moments – those moments when I have most likely been running to hard to pay attention…trusting in myself more than God.

    One way I hope to address that is to use my camera on a daily basis as a way of seeing God’s beauty (both large and small). I hope it will allow me to slow down enough to see and hear what God is placing in my path.

    From there I am also picking back up my reading. God has placed a wonderful book in front of me – I just need to spend more time obsorbing it.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I believe the 4S’s are a great start. However, one thing I am learning we need to include is also listening. Take extra time to be still before the Lord to hear what each scripture is trying to say for your personal situation. That’s called meditating on God’s Word so He can speak back to you through His Word what He wants you to do with this new knowledge to apply it to your life. God’s Word will guide you into all truth and help you discern God’s plan for your life. Then obedience is another important issue to do what God’s Word says or what you know God is revealing to you to do. To him who knows to do right and doesn’t do it, to him it is sin. We have to change our old way of thinking and displeasing actions/behavior to become more like Christ.

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