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Soccer is a contact sport

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soccer red card


So, here is my thought.  Once a person hits a certain age, say 40ish, you should not try and keep up with the younger generations (20ish).  For example – I love soccer.  I love to watch soccer…coach soccer, and play soccer.  The problem – my knees hate to play soccer.  

What do I do – play soccer and re-injure my knee. 

I rest it. 

I rest it some more. 

I head back out last night for some play against the young guys, that after a 4 month layover.  What happens – the knee holds up great but i get hit in the chest (red card if you ask me) – and now I have bruised ribs.  Recovery time – 3 to 4 weeks. 

No contact sports for me.

It is no fun getting older.


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