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Cheaters – tell me it isn’t so…


This is one of those – what would you do kinda questions.

Quick background – I saw a friend of our family yesterday having coffee in the AM with another women. He is married. It appeared as if she is also. I say hi. He introduces me to the young women as a friend and we chat a couple of minutes. Something doesn’t sit right with me, but I move on.

Today – I see him again with the same women. This time it appears as if they are leaving the coffee shop together (separate cars though). They do not see me. After watching from the coffee shop window, I see him lean into her car with the door open. Then a minute or so later he then closes the door and she rolls down the window. He leans in again and appears to give her a kiss. Following that, she takes off and he jumps into his car and leaves.

Ugh… this has put me in a weird position… should I talk with him? Not get involved? See if they go there again tomorrow? I heard a sermon the other day by Pete Wilson at Cross Point titled hope in your marriage – send that as a quick note? Send him a note to tell him I saw him.

This is really eating me up.


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3 thoughts on “Cheaters – tell me it isn’t so…

  1. Any one with some thoughts? As I said, this really is eating me up… I hate this.

  2. It is sad… I wish that I did not see this… I really do. A couple of people have given advice off line. But in unison, they all agree that I should say something – face to face. Thanks for stopping by Chris.

  3. What exactly you should do is probably dependent on the relationship. It seems to me that the only immediately wrong answer is to do nothing. Sad.

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