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Is this the answer I really wanted…

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I really am not sure if the answer I got the other day was the answer I was looking for.  In fact, I am not sure I was looking forward to any answer.  I am not sure that I was suppose to get an answer.  I was suppose to step up and point out a wrong in the most loving and understanding way possible… but

When you see a friend having coffee multiple times at a coffee shop with someone other than his wife, and realize that you have to say something – it is never easy. 

When you set up a meeting and prepare all week for it only to see them again in the coffee shop the day before – it is never easy. 

When you finally meet face-to-face to talk through what you have seen – it is never easy.

When you start a conversation with a friend that you think is going to be very difficult – only to find out it is extremely difficult – it is never easy.

When both of us start out the conversation saying “I wanted to talk to you…” – it is never easy.

When you hear your friend say that he has filed for divorce – it is never easy.

When you hear about the problems that are actually not entirely my friend’s part, but my other friend’s issues (his wife) – it is never easy.

When you hear about life in his household for the past 1.5 years – it is never easy.

When you think about two young women (their daughters) and their tender and fragile hearts – it is never easy.

When our open conversation that afternoon leads to additional conversations between my two friends – conversations that are honest and raw – it is never easy.

Sorry about the lack of details, I know that these are just the highlights.  Sometimes I hate being in the right/wrong place at the right/wrong time.  Sometimes I would prefer to ignore issues like this and back away rather than asking the difficult question, “Why?”

I sought out good great guidance that helped me through this conversation and the emails that followed.  I needed it – and God knew that.  He also knows what they need – and they need your prayers.

Please pray for my friends because this is not easy.


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