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it hit me today – well maybe awhile ago – Christ died for our sins

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I wonder if every Christian truly understands what it means to say that Christ died for our sins.  I really do wonder that – especially in today’s world.  I mean do we really understand what sin is?  Do we really understand what the impact of sin is? 

I am not sure where this is coming from, but it has been on my mind lately.  Lately I have been feeling like there is a tendency to feel priviledge and not broken.  That we understand basically what Christ did for us, but in a way similiar to when our parents go out of their way to help us growing up – providing for us, etc. – basically that it was expected. 

I really don’t want to feel that way.  It should not be expected… it should be more than that to me.  I think it is, but then again… is it?

Prayers … prayers… prayers….

Take care my friends.


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One thought on “it hit me today – well maybe awhile ago – Christ died for our sins

  1. It’s is a stunning truth brother. Jesus died for my/our sins. Awesome. My best acts are filthy rags. My motives are never pure. And yet, Jesus, who knows all these dark secrets, dies for my sins.

    May we never forget the wonder of it all.

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