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I am back… not sure what will come of my post now.  One thing is for certain – life has been interesting.  Last year dad fought off cancer, this year my mom passed away.  Through it all I continue to think about my role in His kingdom.  The next few weeks and months will be me exploring that a little bit. 

In addition, I might share some of my photos.  The biggest theme I have going on is that God is everywhere.  Though our busy lives sometimes prevent us from seeing Him – He an be so easy to miss.  Take this picture for example – I passed it at least a hundred times on the way to work.  Seeing it now it is easy to see the cross – driving by it daily I missed it for so long.

That is so much like my daily life – running, calling, visiting, answering emails – yet missing so much. 

Not paying attention…but trying to pay attention…

well, there will be more post… maybe not daily, but more.

Take care,



Author: just-another-minute

Just a guy getting through life, wondering what is going on in the world, but willing to share a few glimps of myself to you.

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