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New Years resolution

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In some ways this is probably the wrong thing to say/make as far as a resolution is concerned, but I want to get closer with God.

Why is this the wrong thing to say – well I generally keep my New Years resolutions for about a month or so. Oh sure, I loose those extra few pounds. I exercise more. I learn a new skill… blah … blah… blah. But in the end, I stop. I quit. I surrender to my comfortable old habit instead of my uncomfortable new habit.

Well… who knows if this year is different. I know that part of this requires a plan. With that in mind, you might ask, “How am I going to do this?”

I am going to do this in small chunks. I am going to concentrate on the little things and add big things along the way. I am going to do this by doing each of the following in no particular order:

• Via the bible,

• Living my life a little bit more openly,

• Finding a mentor or two

• By being a mentor to someone else

• Contribute where God is leading me to contribute (emotional, physical and monetary)

• Setting an example for my wife and girls

• Via my photography

• Via my periodic posting to this blog and others.

To end the year in a way to help me prepare for 2010, this past Christmas opened up my eyes once again to God’s plan.

Without going into all of the details, my cousin had a disagreement with his father-in-law that led to him being asked to leave for the night (he and his wife are living with them right now). The result is he came to my house on Christmas night, dropped off by his father-in-law, and we spent the good part of that evening and early morning talking through his life. Talking about his past desire to kill himself, to the cutting, to basically living a life of self destruction. During our talk, he opened up to me, he said, more than he has to anyone since his mom died. Out of that came a couple of things –

1) During a past church service, I felt that God place JH’s name on my heart, and I knew I could not say no when he ask to spend the night

2) JH called at one of his lowest points

3) JH talked through his problems and I listened and provided direction. Direction on how to talk with his father-in-law, his new family, and how to approach life in a more positive light.  How to look past his old problems – not forget them, but move past them.

4) JH also indicated that he didn’t know how to commit to Christ – and we talked about this as well – which was really a first for me besides talking with my daughters. Hmmm… was God giving me a little nudge along the way?

5) JH slept in my house, and then left the following morning with his father-in-law.

6) The result was he said he was back where he belonged – with his wife. He told his father-in-law exactly what he wanted to do with myself and his life. Then his father-in-law told him that he and his wife are “kinda stepping into his mom’s shoes as his parents and that she would want him to understand that they only want the best from and for him.”

7) From what I understand, his father-in-law barely spoke to him before all of this.

God is moving… that is my new phrase for the year.


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