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A child’s gift to God

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You know with the start of a new year, I was just taking a moment to think through life and some of the things I did while growing up.  This morning the first thing that came to mind was my little gift to God.  So, with that I thought that I would pass along a quick little story. 

I remember one day a long time ago in Sunday School feeling an overpowering desire to put together a box of toys and various special “things” for Jesus.  I am sure it had to do with the lesson we had that morning, but I wanted to have something “in my hands” when I met Him. 

I was just a little kid – 7 or 8 years old.  But my mind was in Jesus mode, so I ran home and found a wooden box my grandfather had given me that held all of my crayons.  Crayons were my life back then, but I dumped them on the floor and started to put together my pile.  

My pile consisted of things that I cherished back then.  Things that I wanted to give to Jesus when I meet him.  A small pocket bible, a pot holder I had made, a matchbox fire engine (well worn to the point of falling apart), a rock I got in Colorado, an arrowhead, a piece of gold, a ribbon for winning a race in school. 

As I look back, I can see they were not my “perfect things,” but each of the items I placed in my newly claimed box were related to fond memories connected to various points in my life.  All of them were things that I wanted to share with Jesus.  A gift just for Him.

 And you know what.  I still have this box.  I open it from time to time and look at those childhood treasures.  I have never taken anything out of it.  It is still fully intact sitting on a shelf in my garage.  Sitting and waiting for that moment when I met Jesus.


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One thought on “A child’s gift to God

  1. Lovely story! If we could all but remember to become like little children.

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