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Looking bad vs. being bad

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I heard on the way into the office today that “man is more concerned with LOOKING bad, than actually BEING bad.”

As I look over my life, I know there are times that I live out this sentence.  I am more worried about what people will think of me for doing something bad or wrong, than I am for actually doing that bad or wrong thing (i.e., speeding)

A simple example: I knew a lady who would take office supplies from her office from time to time and bring them home.  Why – well she needed a pen, or a pad of paper, or some plastic spoons, or…or… or.  I always found this interesting.  I mean isn’t that stealing?  When I look back over that situation, while she was doing it, I could see that it was no big deal to her.  She could rationalize why she was doing.  That is until she got caught.  Then everyone knew.  Then she had to explain, not only to those at work, but to her family why she stole.

When she was concerned was that moment where she looked bad – not because it was wrong to begin with, but because she looked bad after everyone found out and she was let go.

Hmmm… it does give a person pause.  Whether it is a little thing or a big thing, the situation is still the same – so many would rather do something bad and have no one find out, than to not do something bad to begin with.


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