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Living with Impact

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This is a text message I received from my church… “A life with apathy and indifference to the needs of the world is a life breathing, but not really living.   Live with IMPACT!”  What a great church I go to…

I love that this is a theme I am seeing all over the place.  I view this as our role in life.  I view this as our church’s role in the world.  Making an impact on those around you.  Making an impact on those you know and don’t know.  Doing it without regard to reward.  Doing it because we are the Big C church and that is what we were directed to do.

I don’t want to live a life of apathy and indifference.  Sometimes I do.  In fact, many times I do.  Oh sure I can come up with a hundred reasons why this is hard.  In fact, I find myself just breathing because the world is accelerating around me and I am trying to keep up.  But when it comes down to it, there is only one reason TO live a life of impact.  And that one reason outweights all of the reasons not to – God directed us to.

So… be the person who picks up the phone and phones a friend.  be the person who stops by and visits with someone who truly needs a friend to listen (and not speak).  be the person who prays your prayer list with passion.  who buys someone a lunch.  who offers up your home.  who volunteers.  who goes on a mission trip – overseas or in your own home. be a leader.  be a follower.  be a worker.  be a thinker. be a listener.  Be the person who stops for a moment and listens to God’s direction in your life so you can make an impact on those around you.

Just be something. 

Next steps – live with IMPACT…


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