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Quick prayer request (with some background)


Yesterday was a great day to celebrate Easter, but a bad day for my wife.  I am not sure bad is the correct word to use, but I will go with it.

Anyway, my wife agreed to attend church with me as she typically does on the “major” holidays.  Everything leading up to the service was going fine.  We had a great Saturday, and nice morning eating breakfast on Sunday.  She got a coffee at church, we walked into the main sanctuary to get ready for the service like it was common.  The music was great, and the sermon was spot on (the prodigal son – being away from his father and then coming home with his father throwing a huge party to welcome him back).

Now the point of issue for my wife – the service was spot on for my daughter.  During the service, Pastor Dan asked for anyone who felt like they had been away from God in a while to “come home.”  In other words, he asked for anyone feeling that way to come up front and be prayed over by the band and him.  My daughter felt called to go up front, but wanted me to join her – she needs me as a security blanket from time to time – which is fine with me, so I did.  With that I told my wife that my daughter wanted me to join her so I was going to go up front to support her.  As we went up front, my other daughter joined us as well. It was actually kinda cool to see this.

Anyway, what did this do? Well, it left my wife, who believes in God but doesn’t believe necessarily in Jesus, standing all alone.  And she felt it.  She felt alone.  She felt like hiding. She felt like running to the car …she had her phone …she could call me to let me know she was there.  She told me these things.  It brought all of her emotions right back to the surface about feeling left out and not included.  When things like this occur, the natural reaction for her is anger, and anger comes quick for her when those emotions come roaring back.

Because of her feeling this way, she was “off” the rest of the day.  Resenting the emails and well wishes that came her way regarding Easter. She was not anger or “off” all of the time, but alot of the time.  In fact, Easter dinner was great.

So, with that I ask that you pray for God’s continued hand in her life.  That He continues to talk to her in His own way and in His own time. 

I also ask that you pray I have the patients to absorb and the deflect her resentment toward anything church related, and I ask that you pray for God to give me the right words to use with her when she gets defensive.

In conclusion, I want to say I have been on one heck of a journey.

Take care,



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2 thoughts on “Quick prayer request (with some background)

  1. will pray for God to do a work that only He can do…and for you to have wisdom in how God wants to use you!

  2. Ouch. This can’t be easy. I think all too often we regard “getting saved” as an easy decision that only an idiot would refuse. That’s not true. Some people realize the hugeness of the matter. And it’s huge.

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