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Different post today.  This has something to do with something I am in the process of writing.  I do not have it done – and this is the readers digest version.  Basically the thought is this – I am pulling together a story relating our love for Christ and comparing that love to a match.  That when we first strike that match, it flames so bright…but, so much can impact the flame.  I am still working through this, but when I first started I could see that there were several things that could impact the match and the flame – the wind, rain, and or even weight… for purposes of this post the third will be set aside.

The first is related to the wind and how fragile our flame is – especially at the beginning of our love and after a long period of maturity.  If we don’t protect it, the flame will blow out/burn out.  We protect it with gifts from God – which are through the hands of others.  The gifts of others.  We trust that God has placed them in our life to help protect us… to help us grow.  We allow them to encircle us to keep the wind and storms at bay.  We also need to be mindful that we must keep lighting another match when our flame starts to diminish – when we are maturing further in our faith.  We must continue to remain vigil that our faith does not lose its brightness and doesn’t burn out – and we must do the same for others.

The second is the rain.  It is obvious how the rain can impact the flame.  To me there is always a danger of watering down the flame – causing it to lose its brightness – or causing it to completely go out.  Again, if we don’t protect it, the flame will disappear, and once again God has placed people in our lives – people who will help protect our flames – shielding the flame from the water – and once again the storms.  We must trust the fact that God has led them into our lives and they are there to help protect us.  We also must listen to when God is placing us in certain circumstances – being present when the rain and storms impact our brothers and sisters.  Everyone must remain alert and keep the flame going in these difficult times.  If we don’t – we will lose our way.  The flame will be watered down.  The flame will slowly go out.

So much more to talk about.


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