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Is that you God? Or is that me?


Thanks everyone for all of the offline chatter about my post yesterday.  I really do appeciate it.

So, now I have a follow up question – “How can you determine if what you are hearing is God or you talking to you?”  I already have some thoughts given and even some feedback regarding this, but a blog friend Scott threw that out there and started the thinking process going once again.


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2 thoughts on “Is that you God? Or is that me?

  1. Well that is sure a mouth full. Alot to digest. Thanks again Kasey. I really do appreciate it. The hard thing for me is the gun shy part. It threw me a little bit. In the past I responded without question – for the most part. Now I am afraid I will be a little hesitant.

  2. Wow. This is the Cash Cab bonus question. If you could answer this effectively you’d have something.

    In light of the previous post of obeying what you felt as God’s direction for you to talk to the friend and that friend asking you not to do it again:

    1) You are accountable to God for obeying Him. Not your friend. Now if you feel the leading to talk to the friend again, I’d say the same thing. As I read the Old Testament, the prophets were led by God to say things that didn’t make people happy.

    That being said…

    2) Motive and approach are EVERYTHING!!! You can have the right motive and the wrong approach and the message is not communicated.

    You can have the wrong motives and the right approach and you could can compromise your character and relationship.

    Jonah is a great illustration of this.

    Now discerning whether or not God is talking to you or knowing that it’s the indigestion from last night’s pizza is another discussion.

    Jesus says “My sheep know my voice.” I can tell you that I question this all the time and feel convicted that I haven’t followed through with what I heard, passing it off as last night’s pizza and other times visa versa.

    Hearing and obeying God’s leading is a growing process. In the beginning of our relationship, when I was dating my wife, we could be in a large room and I wouldn’t be able to pick her voice out of the crowd. Now, after 7 years of marriage, I can be in a room and hear a new voice enter into a conversation behind me and think “cool, Cassie just came in.” As we have grown together, I have learned to hear her voice.

    Our relationship with Christ is the same.

    We will miss it a lot. My belief is that God sees our heart and our obedience shows our faith. And in moments you miss it. Be okay with it. Tell your friend, “sorry, I felt like I needed to tell you that because it’s what Holy Spirit impressed on me. I might have missed it.”

    It’s a journey. Enjoy it. Don’t pull back in obeying him or become gun shy in following his prompting. Learn through each circumstance.

    Hope that helps.

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