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Why didn’t you save me?

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There are many variations to the following story, but this message is one I feel we all need to take to heart.  Please take a moment to read it with new eyes and ask yourself, “Have I been offered a rowboat recently?”

The story goes something like this – there is an old man sitting on his porch during a huge storm. The old man, watching the waters from the flood of the storm rise higher and higher, heard a yell from another man in a rowboat. The man shouted, “Get in, and I will row you to safety!” The old man on the porch kindly declined and said, “No, thank you, the Lord will save me.” As the waters continued to rise, the old man went up the second story of his house, and again heard a voice shouting to him from a rowboat in the water, “Get in! I will row you to safety!” And once again, the old man declined, and said, “No, thank you. The Lord will save me. I’ll be fine.” The waters, still rising, forced the old man up to the roof to escape the flood, and a helicopter flew overhead. This time, a voice called out urgently to the old man, “Grab on to this ladder, and I will fly you to safety.” Still, the old man declined and said, “No, thank you…The Lord will save me.” As the story goes, the waters continued to rise, and the old man did indeed drown. As he reached heaven he asked, “Why, Lord? Why didn’t you save me? I waited. I believed.” To that the Lord replied, “What do you mean, I sent you 2 rowboats and a helicopter!”

What an important and valuable message. The story reminds us that there will be storms in our life, but we can be comforted knowing  God will be there with rowboats and helicopters. We need to be mindful of that fact. If not, we may not recognize them when they are presented. If we are alert and willing to explore those opportunities in life, who knows what might happen. Who knows when one of those small rowboats may be the beginning of a much larger, and exciting new adventure in life!   A God lead adventure!

I know that there are a lot of different parts to one’s faith. As I look at it, one of those parts of our faith is when we take that leap of faith and jump into the rowboat God sent our way. (Also, keep in mind that we might be the rowboat for someone else – so be mindful and listen to God when He prompts us to do something. But that is a story for another day.)

Peace out… as they say. (not sure who they are…)


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