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How to convert itunes AAC and MPEG-4 music to mp3


Okay, so my daughter got her iPod stolen at school yesterday.  Big disappointment.  Lots of tears.  Huge headache on my part.  Why the huge headache?  Well she has an old Sansa Fuze, and she will use that until we get her another one for Christmas.  The problem is a lot of the music she has bought was through iTunes – and downloaded in their format rather than MP3.

After hours of work…searching the internet… etc.  I stumbled across the solution myself.  It was to easy. 

To help you, I have outlined what took me hours to figured out (yes I am a little slow).  Following is my very easy set-by-set process to convert your music into a MP3 format. 

Step 1 for me:

  • I make sure that iTunes is set to import music as an MP3 and nothing else (this applies to CDs).  This is done under Edit/properties/import settings under the general tab. Then click Import using MP3 Encoder.

Step 2 (I did this in iTunes 9 – not sure what will happen in later versions):

  • In order to simplify moving your music, put all of the music you want to convert into a newly created play list – something like MP3 Convert
  • Once the music is in the play list, highlight all of the music in the play list
  • Right click on the music.
  • Click copy (nothing will happen)
  • Right click again
  • Click create mp3 version (you will see in the progress bar up top that it is now converting the music)
  • This will create the mp3 in the same directory as the iTunes song, but you can move the MP3 to another folder and delete it out the iTunes folder if you want (sort by type – makes it very quick).

I did this for all of her music.  It is somewhat time consuming, but cheaper than buying a program and better than going without.


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2 thoughts on “How to convert itunes AAC and MPEG-4 music to mp3

  1. Yeah… I think that most of what she is buying is DRM free now. But then again, I think that most of what ITunes sells now is DRM free. I think that went away last year, and she has been purchasing songs since Christmas last year.

    With that said, just about everything purchased through ITunes recently should work in the fashtion above.

    No promises, but it worked for me.

  2. I would assume you’re doing this with music that was purchased as “DRM free”, because I’m pretty sure this is impossible with AACs that have DRM. The only way to handle them is to burn them to a CD and then rip them back off. (Which loses album information and is rather frustrating too….)

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