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As you can probably see, I am doing a series of photos for 2011. These photos will hopefully wake me up from my slumber. Over the past year or so, I have felt a little distant from God. Don’t get me wrong – I love Him. But I feel distant for some reason. There are times when I feel His presence full force, but others I am just sitting there wondering.

Anyway, as the year progresses, I hope to see a bit of a transformation with regard to my physical self (yes lose weight and get in shape), my mental self, and my faith walk (ready for another bible study anyone? Online perhaps?).

Right now I am trying to get my feet squarely grounded, and laying out my past, present and hopes. I really don’t think I can move forward until I know where I have been. For example, this shot is about my past – my life was built on a foundation that included both of my parents, and my grandparents. In particular my Grandma Gray. She worked downtown, and I got to visit her from time to time. This shot of downtown Kansas City reminds me of simpler times.

But looking at the Kansas City sky line, I can also see that life can not stand still. New pops up and replaces old, and old even falls down sometimes or is neglected. I also need to be mindful that old can sometimes be renewed.

My thought moving forward is to build on the good stuff and throw out the bad stuff – all the while with God at my side. If I do that, it will be a fantastic 2011.

Take care my friends.


Author: just-another-minute

Just a guy getting through life, wondering what is going on in the world, but willing to share a few glimps of myself to you.

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