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Dear all,

You know it seems like only yesterday that I was reaching out to you asking that you keep my dad in your prayers due to his cancer battle (he is still going strong by the way). Now I turn to you again and ask that you add me and my family to your daily prayer list once again.

In case you didn’t know, following a CT scan I had because of a kidney stone, my doctor saw a spot on my right kidney that required further investigation. Well after some additional test and another CT scan, it appears the mass is solid (about an inch in diameter), and it will require surgery. Right now I am being told that I will lose a portion (if not all) of my right kidney. Between surgery and recovery, I will be out of commission for about 3 weeks, and then even longer time for the slow full recovery process.

The good thing is that they found the mass because of something totally unrelated – the kidney stone. The bad thing is it is most likely Renal Cell Carcinoma. Yes, cancer. That ugly word seems to be stuck in my life – first my aunt, then dad, along the way there has been several close friends (MA, JW – Jim you are a survivor!, and John)…and now me. Well, because I know that worrying will do me no good, I will focus on the positive – and there are ALOT of positives – the mass is small, this type of cancer grows extremely slow, it appears to be well encapsulated, it is away from the main arteries, and most are not caught until it is very advanced (which it looks like is not the case here).

So I humbly stop today and ask for this personal request – please keep me and my family in your prayers over the next few weeks and months as we deal with the upcoming surgery and recovery as well as the enviable stress and uncertainty that will rain down on us.

Thanks for taking a moment to listen to me – rather read my ramblings :). I will keep you updated as I move along. There really aren’t specific details yet in terms of timing other than to say we want to do this sooner than later. I will keep you appraised of times, locations, etc.

Take care, Michael


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