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Family and Friends,

Last week many of you saw my email requesting that you pray for me and my family. As each of you know from that email my doctors found a 2.4cm mass on my right kidney – the outcome will most likely be Renal Cell Carcinoma.

Last week when I typed those words – Renal Cell Carcinoma – reality had not set in. I was in a good spot. In fact, I wore one of my favorite life is good brown shirts the other day. Well, the funny thing is I am actually still in a good spot. I feel blessed to have some fantastic doctors who are getting ready to do their thing. I feel blessed that I had a kidney stone that allow the radiologist to find the mass. I feel blessed to have a loving and wonderful wife. I feel blessed to have two fantastic daughters. I feel blessed to have loving and caring family and friends. I feel blessed, period. But at the same time reality has started to hit home.

Reality for me is knowing that cancer is a very real thing. I know that cancer has the ability to devastate lives – physically, emotionally, and financially. I know that, but I have also come to understand that it also has the ability to enlightened lives. The first time when it truly enlightened me was when my dad got cancer back in 2008 – I realized for the first time that life was more precious than I realized. I learned that life is most likely shorter than I expected. I learned that life was more valuable than I sometimes appreciated. I started to appreciate that every word matters. I started to appreciate every hug. I started to appreciate…

Learning from those life lessons that were thrown in my path, people around me saw a change. I saw it too. I started to avoid the negative, and preferred to focus on the positive. In addition, I also ended up leaning on my faith in God for support – realizing that I am much too small to go it alone.

Now after just a few short years, this ugly word has reared its head once again in my life. This time I am not a bystander. I am the one sitting on the exam table with the tumor inside. This time I am the one listening to doctors with renewed interest. This time it is my journey that I am forced to walk. This time it will be me who is asking for help, rather than being the helper. And to quote a close friend, I need to remember the word “Trust.”

So with that said, I humbling ask once again that you continue your prayers for me and my family. This is not easy for me to do. To put it bluntly I am stubborn and simply hate to ask for help. But my family needs those prayers, and yes so do i.

So in conclusion, I will say that we promise to keep you apprised of the situation – hopefully not in book form. If you don’t hear anything, then I am most likely sleeping, recovering, or just being lazy. In any event, take care, and I look forward to visiting with each of you soon.



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