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While I was at the Mayo less than two weeks after having a tumor removed from my kidney, the first song I heard when I got back to the hotel was David Crowder’s song – “How He loves.” Imagine hearing that after praying and praying. Imagine hearing that song Christian song (and many more) in the lobby of a hotel, that my wife picked. Imagine my amazement knowing that my wife, who is not Christian, saw first hand God’s love and blessing.

I am so humbled to have God touch me in such a special way and then to be reminded that He is there. At this moment in my life, I feel so unworthy of His love, yet He is there for me. He is reminding me constantly that He is there… and that He loves me.

Before I can pass on that love, I need to understand that. I need to fully appreciate that. Understanding that will allow me to show others what a blessing it is to be loved. Oh how he loves us… When I fully appreciate that He loves, it makes it easy to love others and to show His love through me.

That brings me to the second song, “the motions. “ My life has been a bit of a “going through the motions” type of life. These are the times when I to hear the words – “what if I had given everything, instead of going through the motions.” Will I take that moment to share His love? Will I take that moment to allow His love to shine through me? Will I? There are so many people in this world who have never experienced love, yet alone God’s love. My cousin who stayed at my house last Christmas due to the fact that he was kicked out of his house was someone who needed to hear how God can love. I listened. I shared. I prayed. He, like so many others, is the reason we are there to show His love, if not us then who?

So with that I will end with these thoughts. I read recently about Niagara Falls in a book called Show and then Tell. It talked about how Niagara Falls starts. It starts from mere trickles of snowmelt that combine to form rivulets of water, that turn into tiny streams merging into larger streams to form rivers. These rivers flow for hundreds of miles before finally merging into the quickening Niagara River, which soon speeds to an unstoppable cliff where it drops hundreds of feet known as Niagara Falls. Our walk is a lot like this…that small drop if you will…show them love by helping others … by helping them…whether it is with their faith walk, reaching out to the world, or just offering some words during a challenging time. Some of us are the trickles of snowmelt, others are the rivulets of water, and others are the various rivers. All are needed in order to end with a majestic waterfall.

This speaks for itself. It speaks about our role in life. It speaks to me personally. I am suppose to do, and say, and love in order to be a drop in someone’s life. To offer a word. To offer a prayer. To be willing. I need to be willing to give everything I have.


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