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I love life…

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Life sure has made for an interesting journey. When I was young, the pace of life couldn’t go quick enough, when we had kids – well, we wanted them to walk and talk so we could live and grow with them.

Then as I saw them grow up and start to have their own lives, I celebrated all that had happened and but I will admit I took pause for the first time.

Then big boy life hit.  My aunt died from breast cancer – and I paused. Then my dad got cancer a few years later – and I paused again. Then my mom passed away, and I paused again.

When I was told I had cancer a little over 4 months ago – I paused again. I realize now that life needs to be full of pauses and full of reflections and less about speed and acquiring. That is why my camera is my friend. It makes me pause from time to time. It makes me look around at the beauty that we often miss. In fact, I miss the days of film and waiting to see if that shot came out like I planned?

So in conclusion, I will continue to pause. I will continue to look at the world slightly different as I move into my new normal.  I will enjoy the moments I am given – not that I didn’t before – but now I will look at them differently.  I will enjoy my mistakes and I will celebrate my successes.  I will love with a passion.  I will look for the shot that is begging for someone to stop and take it’s picture.  I will.


Author: just-another-minute

Just a guy getting through life, wondering what is going on in the world, but willing to share a few glimps of myself to you.

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