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“Can you pray for me?” she asked.

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You know you need to pray when your daughter sends you the following text:

“Also – can you pray for me?  I kinda need it.”

It rips my heart apart to know she is hurting, but it fills my heart to know she is asking for help – not from me specifically but from God.

So what can you help with – lift her up in prayer for the following things (in her words):  “[I need] emotional stability in general bc I for sure lack it.  And you already know my issues with decision making but also with over thinking, and second guessing, and knowing what I want, and not having it change so much…. And just idk… to not be as messed up as I am …but ya I really need some emotional stability.  And an outlet for friends who care and are there.  I know I have em, …but no one I can see face to face often…”


Deep breath…

So with that I ask you to join me in the following prayer for my daughter:  Monica, you will be part of my prayer 111 – praying for one person, at one o’clock, for one minute over the next few days and weeks.  In addition, know that I am saying the following prayer for you:  I pray that God will take His old school carpenter arms and wrap them around you.  Pull you in.  Lift you up in a huge bear hug.  Squeeze you, and whisper in your ear that He is there for you.  That He loves you.  That you don’t need to rely on yourself – rather rely on Him.  I pray that you will feel His presence surrounding you, and that He touches you through family and friends to let you know in a VERY LOUD WAY that He is there.  In His name I pray. Amen

I should have been praying all along.  I should have been praying for her daily.  Yet I stumbled again.  I have been moving through life in a somewhat foggy, self-absorbed, pity party and trying to work on myself and not looking after her.  The bad part is I had time this weekend.  I had it to myself.  I could have spent time with God and talked about my troubles, her troubles, my friends’ troubles.  But I didn’t.

So today I renew my efforts.  I renew my prayer life.  And I will include the following in my daily prayer:

AR (divorce)

SW (divorce and life)

LB (life)

D (cancer)

JH (struggles with his relationship)

PF (her son has cancer)

A&T (relationship)

SE & her dad (dad has kidney cancer)

SC and her daughter (daughter’s health)

BH (mom died earlier this year)

EW (strength, and exceptional leadership)

MJ (life)

And finally, me

Feel free to add to the list.  And know I will pray for you.


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