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As I have started to think about posting more, I must say I am glad to be back at it.  The first time around was due to my dad’s cancer and the need for an outlet of my emotions, then my mom passed away the following year, then my father-in-law had bypass surgery, then finally last year my own battle with cancer.  All of this coupled with work stress, home stress, and just stuff.

This blog has allowed me to share some feelings I have.  It has allowed me to share in my own little way how God is touching me each and every day.

Case in point – yesterday I visited with a women who has a huge heart for God, and is never afraid to share it.  For whatever reason, I am able to talk opening about my challenges, but also my heart warming opportunities as well. Each time I sit down with her, I feel like I grow a little bit in my faith.  For that reason, I think God continues to place people in my life like her to work on my heart, to work on my understanding, and to work on my humility.  I think I might have been there to hear about her and her sister, she might of been there because of my conflict with TT.  Who knows.  Time will tell.

So, with that said, I will end this by saying I continue to look and listen for God when He reaches out to me.  I just pray I don’t miss the message, or react to slow.  A couple of days ago had me wondering if I did just that – missed a message.  In any event, all I can do is move forward with God in my heart and pray for guidance along the way.

More to come on this topic.



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Just a guy getting through life, wondering what is going on in the world, but willing to share a few glimps of myself to you.

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