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Is this stress again?

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One thought today – living life – you know what I mean?stress

For the past few days it has all been about stress.  Even though I know I should let it all go, it has just been hanging around me a little too much lately. Stress at home, stress at work, and stress in general. Life just jumps off the tracks a bit from time to time, and now is one of those times.

For me that includes a ton of things, but the following in particular:

Number one on that list, as you can see from the previous post, I have one issue with a friend that I wish would be resolved (it has been going on for a couple of years now if you can believe that). I continue to ask for guidance and resolution with this person. Until this person is willing to talk through this, it will be out there unresolved and unreconciled. The bad thing is this issue has continued to cause me to doubt some prompting I feel I get from time to time. Is this me, or is this God. Not a good thing – especially when it last as long as it has. There is just too much to say here to even begin to lay it all out – so enough said.

I have two girls – enough said.

I have one in college and one on the way – enough said.

I have the challenges associated with the beliefs in our house. Belief in God, but the challenges of not being Christian and what that means.

I have the challenge of changing jobs yet again.  Hopefully the search for the perfect job is done.

I don’t know. I spend a lot of car time talking to God. I spend a lot of time thinking about all of this (and everything else), only to come back to the answer – let it go. Maybe I am just too grounded here, and need to trust more. Maybe the faith that I have needs a booster shot. Maybe I need to not think so much. Maybe I need to listen more.

I am just tired. That is why I need some holy help. I cannot do this on my own.

God – please send me some holy help….



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