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prayerAs you probably saw, not long ago I sat down with God for a little while for a heart filled chat. I needed some direction. I needed some help with my spiritual life. I needed His loving, huge, carpenter arms to surround me. I needed to be released from my baggage. By sitting down with Him, I was able to listen to Him for the first time in a while.

Now don’t get me wrong, I talk to Him – pretty much every day. I pray to Him – again pretty much every day. But I haven’t listened as well as I should. By listening a little more closely, I was able to hear some clear direction with regard to my faith walk, my personal life, and my career. The outcome of that chat was the list of topics to cover over the next year or so you see in the post prior to this one.

Now the hard part begins. I have the words I need to write about. I have some direction I am prompted to follow. But will I be able to focus in on what needs to be done? Hopefully time is not an indicator since I wrote my last post on April 25th.

Well, I don’t think time has been an issue since I believe God has used this past month or so as a bit of a prep time.

It will be interesting to see where this goes, but in a nut shell, the biggest thing to happen was a recent email exchange with a friend that set me on a new path. I reached out to a guy who I visited with from time to time a couple of years ago at a coffee shop in Overland Park, and through emails when I was prompted. Recently he wrote something that helped me realize that I was in a holding pattern. I was holding onto the past, and acting somewhat paralyzed.

I won’t go into the details, but as I look at the past couple of years of my life, God helped me realize that this has been a pattern of mine. I have been hanging in my comfort zone. Living a bit in the past (a lot in the past), and not looking forward. Ted’s comments in the past probably stem from this as well. It all came down to God needing to do some things in my life to get me back on track. To mold me some more.

When I realized this, it shook me to my roots. It caused me to look even deeper at my faith and my walk. I started to ask myself questions – a lot of questions. What am I following? Why am I following Him? What am I doing to live out my faith? Why haven’t I been following my prompts more faithfully lately? Who am I trying to please – others, me, or God?

Well, my answers were not what I expected. My actions were starting to cause me to think more about me rather than allowing my actions to glory Him. That humbled me. What have I been doing! I haven’t been living to please God; I have been living a life of pleasure while God has sat patiently waiting for me.

Obviously there is a lot to unpack here, and as I move forward over the next year or so, I hope this blog will become more of a statement of my faith – a living example of what Christ means to me. It will be a dairy of me exploring my faith more opening. Hopefully by doing this, I will start to see and feel the Holy Spirit radiating from my soul. Hopefully others might be encouraged, feel prompted, or take action to address their complacentness.

The first step for me came today. It came from another one of God’s prompting (in the same coffee shop noted above). While grabbing a cup of coffee, Kait mentioned my blog. For me, this innocent comment was a reminder from God that I need to wake up and start writing again. I need to move forward. I need to live a life of honoring Him. I need this to be more about Him than me.

So, with that said, I begin this journey of exploring and unpacking. I begin this journey the way I started it – with a chat.

Your brother in Christ.



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