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Trust… why not?

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ImageI was recently asked today the following question.  “Why do you think people have a hard time trusting God?”

I decided to just type a response immediately without fully thinking about it.  with that said, I came up with the following three part answer:

Christians, in my mind, do not always trust Him due to the fact that we are trying to define God based on our earthly understanding.  If we stick with our earthly understanding it is no wonder why we fail to trust Him.  Sure we will trust Him with our little stuff…when it is convenient, and even at times when the big stuff hits.  But when the big stuff hits, do we really trust Him?  Or are we looking for another option to help us in case the doctor fails?  Also, when it is the little stuff, do we really care if He helps or not?

For non-Christians – They have been brought up to believe that they are responsible for their own destiny.  That if you fail it is your own fault – there is no one to blame but them.  Destiny is not something you leave to chance – rather something YOU own and carry forward.  You do it.  Your success.  Your life.   Your actions and inactions.  What you have accomplished.  It is more about that with a lot of moments of good thrown in (some non-Christians are more giving than Christians).  Ultimately, and in my mind, they don’t leave the door open to the fact that trust can be bigger and encompass something bigger than themselves.

Trust is also hard for everyone.  Many of us have grown up in a world where we have not been able to trust anyone.  Or if we do trust someone, we don’t trust whole heartedly.  That makes it doubly hard to trust God when we have no foundation of trust to begin with.

There are many more reasons than these.  In fact this just touches the surface.  So what do you think?  Agreed or Disagree?  Have additional thoughts?


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