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Dear All,
Following is a list of individuals I continued to send prayers up for. Please lend them your voice and prayers and join me in offering them up to the Lord in prayer.

Thank you,

My prayer list:

Person #1– family, strength to find the right fit and voice to amplify His word, self-confidence to sing when his voice is drowned out. Confidence to lead without hesitation.

Person #2– rekindling of his passion and using his “art” in a way that glorifies God.

Person #3– First and foremost, health and continued spiritual growth. I will continue to add leadership to his list this week.

Person #4– Such an amazing man, and one that continues to use heavenly help with regard to his family as well as his church family. Health, strength, leadership, and sustainable energy are also important right now. Financial direction has been added.

Person #5– continued passion to impact all ages, continued spiritual growth to help guide his family and those around him. At the same time, I will add the gift of knowledge to help direct him as he moves forward in his life.

Person #6– continued wisdom to lead through others, knowledge to know when he should take the lead and understanding and it is appropriate and finally spiritual leadership

Person #7– continue to have the ability to live with his heart, wisdom and direction are more important today than yesterday, continue to help others through the unique opportunities he can offer locally, nationally, and internationally. Bless those around him as well as each of the steps he takes. Bless the words he speaks along this journey.

Person #8– continue to help others through unique opportunities locally, nationally, and internationally that only he may be aware of. Continued spiritual grown and knowledge/understanding of his role as it relates to the Kingdom.

Person #9– wisdom first and foremost followed by renewed energy, renewed passion, spiritual healing, and leadership. Help him battle the spiritual warfare that is starting to crop up around his life.

Person #10– I pray for his continued blessing, but also continued help for sustainable energy and passionate creative art that will glorify God.

Person #11– Knowledge and direction is critical right now. In addition, and as in the past, healing on all levels – physical and mental.

Person #12– Knowledge and direction is critical right now. I pray specifically that you provide people in his life to help guide him down the path you want him to travel. In addition, and as always, continued spiritual growth

Person #13- FOCUS… FOCUS… FOCUS. Pull the energy that flows so freely from him, and allow that to be focused in a way that will continue to have the biggest impact for the big C church.

Person #14– protection on all levels right now – for him and his family.

Person #15- Knowledge regarding the role that he plays in the Kingdom and how he can lead his church along the path you want him to follow. With that comes spiritual growth, leadership, ignited passion. I pray that he finds the voice that will match the passion he has for God, and he that he uses that enthusiasm in a way that allows those around him to feel the love of Christ marinating in their soul.

Persons #16/#17 – My prayer lifted up for this special husband and wife team is to find sustainable and consistent, loyal, and faithful friends while they are out of the country. I pray that You protected them from the spiritual warfare that surrounds them by placing Your flock around them – visible or not. I pray that they recognize in each other, and through family and friends, when they are feeling worn down-both mentally and physically. Since they currently live in a transient part of the world, I pray for those around them as well those who need the support of friends. I pray that when anyone hears the weariness and need in their voice (as I did last night), or see the signs of stress in their life, that they take a moment to pray for them.


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